Kathleen Bruning Gantz created cardioglow®️ as the physical embodiment of her life’s work. cardioglow perfectly combines Kathleen’s passion for dance & fitness; lifelong focus on community; professional experience in retail; and love of laughter with friends.  In cardioglow, Kathleen chose to bring heart, laughter, friends, fitness and fun together in one place.  She also wanted to feel as if she'd beEN whisked away to another place instead of a gym.
Kathleen performed, taught, and choreographed various forms of dance over the course of 20 years. She brings her flair for fashion to the studio as a former Neiman Marcus Women's Fine Apparel Assistant Buyer and Department Manager.  Her skill set includes event planning, budgeting, marketing, customer service and public relations, too.
Being active in her community has always been one of Kathleen’s priorities. Starting as a teenager, Kathleen volunteered for schools, churches, community organizations, mentoring partnerships, including The Field Museum, and Legacy Charter School in Chicago.
At cardioglow®️, IN A BEAUTIFUL Studio Environment, we foster a friendly, inclusive, fun-loving atmosphere for clients of all abilities to achieve their next fitness goal & overall health goals while having boat-loads of fun.  Because you can have fun, take care of yourself, feel good about yourself, make friends AND exercise, all at the same time!

Are you ready to go for glow