Kathleen's love for dance began at 2 years old. She has choreographed, taught, and competed. She enjoys the euphoric feeling that comes from dancing--where everything fades away and what's left is "the glow". Join her energetic and fitness minded dance cardio classes where everyone feels comfortable, happy and inspired to achieve.


Kate is a life-long dancer/dance instructor who loves, loves, loves cardioglow.  It is the only place where she feels her time is truly hers.  She loves the energized & happy feeling she gets.  Join her dance cardio, D’Interval & Hoop classes which exude Kate's peppy, cheerful joy and smooth dance moves.



Stacey is a life-long dancer, cheerleader and all-around rock star. When she takes a break from her other roles as high school ceramics teacher and cheer coach, she brings a passion for Latin rhythms TO her high-energy, AND CRAZY-FUN HOOP THERE IT IS, Dance cardio, D’interval & KIDS DANCE CARDIO CLASSES . Stacey, Stacey, Stacey!




Amy specializes in yoga for kids!  With her extensive age specific certification training from Karma Kids Yoga, she leads flow & glow yoga classes for kids, tweens & teens AND DANCE CARDIO CLASSES FOR LITTLE KIDS.  She loves inspiring her students to be physically active, confident and happy. Join Amy in one of her fun cg kids classes!


Ariadne is a lifelong student of yoga who has been teaching since the 80S.  she TEACHES OUR MEN'S STRETCH.  Having studied both exercise science and philosophy as well as yoga, you never know whether you will get anatomy or Aristotle, flow or focus, but she embraces the joy of helping each student feel stretched, relaxed, strengthened, or centered as they need.